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Granulation pressure compared with the rolling process of granulation

Pressure granulation method is limit powder in the indoor space must according to the release of the external force and clamping for compactness conditions,Can be divided into two categories,Category is the molding granulation method,Raw materials in a closed cavity,According to the movement of blunt needle repeatedly in rubber and plastic products。...For more details>>

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      Changzhou hundred million drying equipment co., LTD is a professional engaged inDrying equipment、Dry granulation equipment、The polymer、Dynamic calcineEquipment research and development、Manufacturing enterprises,Absorb the drying and granulating technology both at home and abroad,To the existing domestic spin flash dryer and dry granulation technology of roller pressure on the perfecting of the system。In the orderSpin flash dryer、The spray dryer、The belt drier、Dry roller granulator、Efficient cyclone dryer、High pressure pulse bag filter、Cyclone dynamic calcine furnace and coal in high temperature hot blast stoveAs the core of many series、Many kinds of products,Widely used in chemical industry、Medicine、Pesticides、Dry food industries、Granulation, etc. Post-processing procedure。Products with its advanced technology、The reasonable process、The superior performance and perfect service favored by the vast number of users,Especially when the design paid more attention to saving energy、The standard of environmental protection、Reduce the labor intensity,For users to improve efficiency,Opened up a new ways to reduce costs。

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