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  • Tianjin jade weiye trailer manufacturing co., LTD. Was established in1995Years,Covers an area of Area20000m²,Was the first company in tianjin万博manbext体育Mobile production enterprises,Company can produce all kinds of specifications万博manbext体育Mobile home。High school low-grade,Satisfy the different needs of customers。Our company is mainly engaged in万博manbext体育Mobile home,Rapid assembly room,Integrated housing,Maohan processing,万博manbext体育A full set of materials wholesale,Rapid assembly room full materials wholesale,Looking for tianjin万博manbext体育Trailer manufacturers,Choose tianjin jade feats。
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  • The company address:Jinnan district of tianjin north gate town after the camp village north of Dan la high-speed
  • Hand Machine:15522022901 The phone:022-88612801
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    Chamber room I company for the national wholesaleTianjin LCL Is the earliest oneTianjin万博manbext体育Trailer manufacturers,Product variety、Low、In the、High-end万博manbext体育Trailer for your choice。

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