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Yixing QingTai purifying agent co., LTD. Is located in yixing, jiangsu province of China,Focus on industry began1985Years,Especially in the treatment of chrominance wastewater decolorizing dropCODA greater advantage。The company for all kinds of produced sewage plant、Industrial sewage treatment plant and urban sewage treatment plantThe decoloring agentFlocculant、Remove agents such as water treatment agent and technical services,Is the domestic earlier production and sales of water treatment chemicals company,Successively with10Several scientific research institutions joint research and development of new products and new applications of the product,Is the study of the water treatment agent chemical products,Development,Production,Sales and service as one integrated enterprise。

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The decoloring flocculation effect
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Car paint mist to do
2018-09-11 13:45[To check the details]
The unique advantages of ammonia nitrogen removal in wastewater treatment agent
2018-09-09 17:25With ammonia nitrogen removing ammonia nitrogen removal in wastewater treatment agent problem without new contamination,No precipitation,No secondary pollution[To check the details]
Mist purifier working principle
2018-05-14 20:22After centrifugation,For the most part in addition to the paint fog particles,Molecules escape entered again into the ultrafine sponge filtration period,Use superfine sponge larger specific surface area of oil、Paint mist molecular strong intercept[To check the details]
Mine tailings recovery prospects for development
2018-05-09 16:53Tailings is unleashed a certain technical and economic condition of mining enterprises“Waste”,But they are also the potential secondary resources,When the technology、Economic conditions allow,Can be effective development again。[To check the details]
2018-05-08 17:00In order to meet the requirements of minerals is growing,Beneficiation size bigger and bigger,So the tailing quantity will increase a lot,And a lot of stockpiling tailings,For mining、Cause many problems such as environment and economy。[To check the details]
Water treatment agents use points
2018-04-12 14:55Water treatment agents use points[To check the details]
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