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Weifang cable chemical co., LTD is a acrylic homopolymer and its salt as the main product,Application areas involved in paper making、Water-based paint、Nonmetallic material wet grinding、Ceramics、Cosmetic、Textile printing、Water treatment、Plastic, etc,The specialty is engaged in the production、Development、Sales、The service of high and new technology enterprise。 Company goals Honestly The letter Integrity is the management principle of cable company,We abide by the contract,Keep the promise,Sincerely treat every customer and partners。 People-oriented Employees are…………More and more

The effect of dispersant is the use of wetting dispersant to reduce the time required to complete the dispersing process and energy,The stable dispersed pigment dispersions,Modified pigment particle surface properties,Adjust the motility of pigment particles。

1、Boost luster,Increase flow leveling effect luster actual main depends on coating surface light scattering(That a certain roughness。

2、To prevent the floating color hair flower。

3、Improve the tinting strength note tinting strength in automatic color mixing system is not the higher the better。

4、Reduce the viscosity,Increased pigment loading quantity。

5、Reduce the flocculation is like this,But the higher the more fine particle surface energy,Need the higher adsorption intensity of dispersant,But high adsorption intensity of dispersant could cause to the detriment of the coating performance。

6、Similar to increase storage stability and reason,Once the dispersant stability strength is not enough,Instead, storage stability

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