Company introduction

Puyang gold car rental company is the formal puyang car rental、Puyang car rental companies(Rent a car:17339329333),Main business:Puyang rent a car、Car rental、Business car rental、The wedding car rental, etc。The model contains7Seat、12Seat、15Commercial vehicles,As well18Seat、19Seat、21Seat、22Seat、28Seat、68The seat, etc、The coach。My company was founded in2014Years6Month20Day,The company registered capital of RMB80Ten thousand yuan,Company is located in puyang city station south road and the road west300M road,Is currently in puyang city set up earlier、The larger a comprehensive auto service agencies;Company to the core of the car rental as a business,And set auto sale service、Auto financing loans as a whole,Is currently in puyang city advanced service network、Service content perfect car rental companies。

Company tenet:Good faith for this,The supremacy of credibility!

News and information
  • 09-16
    Puyang transformation development of car rental,Change drive car rental

    Puyang transformation of car rental industry chain development,Electric car rental into workflow new girlfriend from the car rental industry chain structure of manufacturing industry in China,Important is on the middle and lower reaches of vehicle manufacturers,Production

  • 09-16
    Travel season,A car rental way said go go travel

    Rent a car drive travel has to be wary of,If you don't want to be driving the car rental to swim not happy,See the following sbent in Paris~Puyang rental company teach you ready to go to rent in advance?

  • 07-16
    Puyang rental which is good?

    Puyang rent a car​Company is willing to your career success,Is willing to provide you with quality services offer a passion,Let us join hands to,Keep pace with The Times to create a better future。

  • 07-16
    Puyang car rental six big advantages

    As people consumption level rise,Desire for high-end consumer products are constantly updated。The average in Europe and the United States8Months to replace a car。If to spend more than 30 ten thousand yuan to buy a car,Because of the society