Jiuquan city dextrys friction products co., LTD. Is established on the basis of the jiuquan city asbestos products factory,In1997Years10In restructuring,A member of the Chinese association of friction sealing materials,Is located inGod fiveTake off home,Adjacent to the oil industry in ChinaThe cradleYumen,Cover an area of an area51000Square meters,The registered capital316Ten thousand yuan。Since 197OYears since put into production the friction material,For more than 40 years of production history,Long-term production experience,Accumulated a rich experience in production,Cultivate a group of technical talents。,With brake producing special equipment150余台(A),Represents the advanced level in the 1990 s。A variety of inspection equipment30余台(A),Can meet the full production、The whole process of quality control,Engineering and technical personnel assuming the generation and the improvement of the quality of products,According to the special requirements of users,In the production of various abnormal conditions of brake block,All kinds of brake shoes have inventory,Can provide customers all kinds of brake block requirements in a timely manner。
        Since the enterprise restructuring,Company to the staffSincere to the letter、Continuous pursuitThe management idea,According to theService to others,The achievement of selfThe service tenet,On the quality of the product's potentialities、Transformation、Innovation、Ascension,In order toGod sevenDevelop staff to work meticulously,AndIron manThe oil workers represented by professional spirit for high ideals,In order to adapt to the requirements of the socialist market economy and to joinWTOThe challenge,The company confirmedScience and technology innovation as the enterprise spirit,Product quality as enterprise life,The market demand for the enterprise goals,Pioneering spirit,No end“Business goals,Production of environmental protection、Long life、High performance drilling rig brake block,With stable quality well received by users。

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Our company is mainly engaged in products:Friction materials ; Drilling rig brake block ; Automobile brake pads ; Mechanical seal

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