Service scope
ShangQing housekeeping has a modern management operating mode of housekeeping service company
  • The nursery teacher
    The nursery teacher
    Prenatal period:Her into the ditch、Antenatal psychological counseling
    Puerperium:Admission guide、Escort、Material purchasing,Complementary needs
    Recovery period:Postpartum psychological counseling、Postpartum recovery operation
    Miscarried/The accident abortion:Professional psychological counseling、Escort service operation
  • Commercial cleaning
    Commercial cleaning
    Air conditioning cleaning: Air duct pipe cleaning To ensure healthy breathing、In addition to the stubborn
    The refrigerator to clean:In addition to the ice Professional tools Let the refrigerator high efficiency and energy saving
    Clean lampblack machine:In addition to bacteria To remove stubborn stains To prevent pollution cookstoves
    The washing machine to clean: Descaling Stainless steel、Plastic surface dirt
  • Old-age care
    Old-age care
    Postoperative rehabilitation:Postoperative psychological nursing、Postoperative diet custom
    Dementia care:Life support:Shopping、Take the medicine、Cooking、Cleaning
    Hospital: The patient safety The hospital life daily life assistance
    Psychological counseling:The old social relations Dating Fraud prevention Guidance
  • Household maintenance
    Household maintenance
    Floor waxing:Real wood floor care、Floor waxing Remove the scratch
    Carpet cleaning:Depth of carpet aspiration、Carpet stain removal
    Cloth art sofa cleaning:Cloth art sofa stain removal、Cloth art sofa cover depth of washing
    The sterilization in addition to mites:Bedding sterilization in addition to mites、Cloth art sofa in addition to mites
ShangQing housekeeping mainly to provide customers with one-stop domestic service,Mainly includes:Assistant to the housework、The nursery teacher、Month sister-in-law、Old-age care、Enter a nappy、Procter & gamble、Electric cleaning、Household maintenance and so on。
Customer case
ShangQing domestic customer service case,Customer satisfaction is our best advertisement!
ShangQing housekeeping,A happy life,Choose us,Choose happiness!
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Domestic solution
ShangQing housekeeping provide one-stop service,Her service、Cleaning services、The nursery teacher services、Old-age care services, etc。
Old-age care solutions
Postoperative rehabilitation、Dementia care、Hospital、Psychological counseling、The old social relations Dating Fraud prevention Guidance
The nursery teacher solution
The newborn life care、Common disease nursing infants and young children、Baby touch/To swim、Baby's potential development
Commercial cleaning solution
The living room、The bedroom、The toilet clean、Lampblack machine surface dust、Cleaning scope as a whole
Feel integrated curriculum、Parents and children early education、Montessori education、Interpersonal skills、An independent ability、Space judgment
Domestic news and information
ShangQing housekeeping provide housekeeping related information、Common problems、Media reports and other information。