Pinghu yong xin metal products co., LTD is located in the beautiful environment of the hangzhou bay,East from central Shanghai110Kilometers,Shanghai hongqiao airport100Kilometers,Shanghai dock120Kilometers,From zhejiang zhapu port wharf18Kilometers;West from hangzhou center100Kilometers,The geographical position is superior,The traffic is very convenient。

Pinghu after yong xin metal products co., LTD18Years of hard struggle excellence,Accumulated rich professional production experience,Introduction、To cultivate all kinds of professional and technical personnel。The enterprise existing punch50More than one,Air pressure meter CNC lathe40余Taiwan,Introduction of the Taiwan high-speed cold heading machine6Taiwan,Other cold heading machine10Taiwan,Has a solid strength and technical equipment,With strict detection means,A sound management system,Win the customers trust。The company mainly produces all kinds of hinge、Bolt and stamping parts,In order to meet the different countries,In different areas,Different levels of customer demand,Products are mainly sold to……In more detail》