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SapoeZhanjiang new beverage equipment manufacturing co., LTD


       SapoeZhanjiang new noble beverage equipment manufacture co., LTD is a professional research and development、Vending machines, beverage equipment products of high and new technology enterprise。Has domestic first-class vending machine manufacturing and research and development technology,Has an experienced technical research and development group,In the commercial equipment and household appliances and other fields10Years of experience,Focus on the appearance of the product design、To the product function and structure design software development to provide users with a full range of intimate services。


       The company since its establishment16Years,With Italy for a long time、The United Kingdom、South Korea and other professional coffee machine manufacturers for technical cooperation to develop new products,To push the development of products and technology innovation,Strive to make product quality reach the international first-class level。Products to design,The design is novel、Stable performance、Are of good quality、Considerate service,Products are exported to Europe、The world such as South America and Korea50To many countries and regions,And for a number of well-known domestic and foreign brands OEM,Is the domestic beverage equipment manufacturing industry in one of the largest scale and the competitiveness of enterprises。The main products are:The vending machine、Hot and cold drink machine、Smart coffee machine、Iot drink machines、Freshly brewed coffee machine, etc,And to provideOEMAnd customized services。


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