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Yoann small aerial electric appliance co., LTD is located in the beautiful scenery、Beautiful landscapes、Known as“The rainy city in China”As China's ecological tourism top ten charm city——Yaan rain city,In the capital of sichuan province alone120Kilometers。Area has high speed、Iasi highway、Gagaku high speed、And high speed,Fastening the iron...
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Poor area precision poverty alleviation is a pointer to different environments、Different poor peasant households,Using scientific and effective procedure for poverty alleviation object recognition、Support、Management mode of ZhiPin。 2017Years
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The company won the sinotruk group jinan truck company2017The annual quality suppliers2017Years12Month23Day CNHTC Jinan Truck Co., ltd. in shandong taian sinotruk Truck company2018
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In order to speed up the company development,Company longquanyi district in chengdu to buy land,Shipping company established a wholly owned subsidiary hin。The land area of about15 7924m,The levying road area2 7405m),Actually make
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