Xiangyu group,Was established1995Years11Month28Day,Xiamen is wholly state-owned enterprises,Headquartered in xiamen,On services companies to grow、Service is the development of the society and at the same time,Become to commodity purchasing supplies and comprehensive logistics services、Are all land development and real estate、Financial services and equity investment、Regional development and the livelihood of the people as the core industry of state-owned companies such as consumer goods supply chain services group。
   By the end of2011At the end of the year,Xiangyu group owns90Investment companies,Employees3600People,Total assets193One hundred million yuan,Annual revenue360One hundred million yuan,Business mainly in xiamen、Shanghai、Guangzho、Tianjin、Chongqing、Changsha, and other important port cities and emerging markets on the mainland。At the top of2012China500The first253Name,China's service industry500The first82Name。Is the contract heavy credit unit,China's well-known trademarks,The financial evaluationAAAGrade enterprise。

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