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    Shangqiu blackstone automobile service co., LTD,Is shangqiu has tourist passenger business qualifications of professional team,Employees400More than,Big small and medium-sized tourist bus231Department,Have a large luxury team,There is9Seat、12Seat、19Seat、29Seat、33Seat、35Seat、37Seat、39Seat、43Seat、47Seat、49Seat、51Seat、53Seat、55Seat、57Seat、59Seat、63Seat、65Seat.68And all kinds of cars and luxury tour bus40-44Shop luxury sleeper tour bus for you to choose from。This team has a strict management system,Has the quality reliable driver team with high technology,Will make you happy,And go back satisfied,Is your ideal choice,Do you wish the most loyal friend。Note:This team every car is a new car,Complete formalities、Insurance is complete,Solve your worries。

    Car rental service:Tourism chartered car rental、The exhibition business、The meeting、The wedding car、Unit to commute、The airport、Car shuttle guests and all kinds of activities。

    Rent a car:Shangqiu,The city always,Civil rights,Hui County,NingLing,Zhecheng jingxin diamond,YuCheng,Xia Yi。

    Shangqiu blackstone car rental with rich models,A wide range of network,Worry-free travel,Professional service。Make a car rental industry in shangqiu,Shangqiu traveling brand。




Car rental liability obligations on both sides

During the lease term,According to the lessee《Vehicle use manual》Operation and maintenance。In front of the car,Must be as a routine examination,Such as oil、The brake fluid、The condensed water、Tire pressure and lighting, etc,If discover the problem,Must be SuSong leasing company designated health maintenance,Otherwise the consequence is proud。The lessee during the lease term,Have an obligation to properly keep well,I can make good use of the rental car and related documents,Keep the body clean until return the rental company。If lost shall immediately notify leasing companies and the relevant departments。


Where I can rent a car rental company shangqiu blackstone

Where I can rent a car rental company shangqiu blackstone well with the rise of charter bus industry,Various problems will appear as。As is known to all,In providing high quality products at the same time,Provide the perfect service to consumers,Has become the new focus of modern enterprise competition in the market。About shangqiu charter buses industry development,To deep understanding about the nature of the industry management。


YuCheng where can I rent luxury coach rental bus rental which is good

YuCheng where can I rent a luxury coach rental which good shangqiu blackstone big sino-pakistani bus leasing small leasing companies according to different customer demand to provide various high-quality vehicles,Also for each big enterprise unit、Provide the airport authority departments and social organizations、Commercial vehicles、The wedding car and car charter,Long-term or short-term rental business between China and Pakistan。With experienced management personnel and professional skilled driver,Strict management system,Perfect rent after tracking service。


Shangqiu bus coach hire please call advisory shangqiu blackstone bus rental

Shangqiu bus coach hire please call advisory shangqiu blackstone bus rental rent more models are santana series、Fukang、Lancer, etc,Generally in prices4000Yuan/Month or more。In order to rent act as purchasing agency this way of service is not very popular,Is leasing company for those vehicles more at ordinary times,To require the people and not high in perfect condition。




Henan shangqiu liangyuan shenhuo avenue and east border intersection200M road

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