Sichuan's sincere trust traffic facilities manufacturing co., LTD., approved by the ministry of communications test center,Specializing in the production of waveform guardrail、Hot dip galvanized waveform guardrail、High speed waveform guardrail、Column、The block、Cap、End and other traffic safety facilities。The company now senior engineer16People,Assistant engineer35People,Professional and technical personnel156People,With wave beam cold rolling forming production line1The article,Hot dip galvanizing production line4The article,Hot dip aluminum plating production line1The article,Electrostatic spray line2The article,Jinsu production line1The article,Annual production galvanized coating barrier plate30Thousands of tons,Supporting small650All set,Available6000Km highway construction use。

  The company always adhere to the“Strives for the survival by the quality、To the credibility of development”The management idea,Willing to cooperate sincerely with the community insight、Common development!The company will to intellectual businessman of style,In the spirit of good faith,Look forward to cooperate with you,Create brilliant。

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Sichuan DE sincere trust traffic facilities manufacturing co., LTD

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The site of factory:HongGuang Town modern industrial port of chengdu PI county north 2 north harbor

The bus:Hong Kong north three road north a crossroads(719Lk) Hong Kong north four road north two crossroads(712Lk) Port of four road north(712Lk)

  • Have professional productivity,Spot supply support,A large number of production;

    Have their own technical team,The huge production line,The production efficiency is higher;

    Have more advanced machinery and equipment with large production capacity;

  • Our products the same quality、Price more populist;

    Factory direct shipment,Save a lot of dealer's profit in the middle;

    Our factory rely on advanced production testing equipment、Standard production conditions and requirements,Guarantee the quality of the product;

  • Finished products from selected high quality raw materials to the barrier,One-stop production。

    Has professional scale、Larger production capacity of the production line。

    All the factory fence panels are pass strict inspection,Ensure the quality of each batch of guardrail plate product。

  • Has a perfect pre-sale、Sale、After-sales service system;

    Have excellent engineer online to solve the problem for you;

    The detailed tracking of the service our factory shipment of each batch orders,A professional customer service to solve the problem for you at any time;