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  •        Wuhan changle complete co., LTD. To care the attitude of the exalted to provide clients with high quality heavy care services,And constantly to the market and popularization。In line with the specification、Dear ones service、The idea of cultural services,Follow sincerely。Simplicity、Kind、Professional、Integrity of funeral service style,People-oriented,Filial piety, first、Affection is the highest principles of clothing,Wholeheartedly provides the high quality the deceased heavy process plan and the agent for loss of activity。

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  • The service is supreme,Civilization terminology,Answer patiently,Record accurately,Treatment in a timely manner,Operation specification,Complete block。

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  • Price transparency、Consumer voluntarily、Human services、Professional skill,People-oriented、The credibility of service principle,Try your best to provide the funeral etiquette service。

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  • In order to the people、And the people、As for the people、Small profits for the purpose of saving。 Our promises,Considerate service,To make you satisfied,Relax your heavy heart,Well get the funeral right。

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Wuhan changle satisfactory service co., LTD

The company as a funeral supplies the best in the industry,Mainly engaged in hankou funeral home telephone order。We with practical work style、Innovation and development of ideal and faith,Struck in business,From scratch,Since the childhood,One step at a time,In the market the baptism of wind and rain and hone thrive。We will always adhere to the“Unity dedication、Strive forward”The spirit of enterprise,Adhering to the“Sincere service、Treat customers”The management idea,In order to achieve the company built for hubei wuhan and across the country well-known enterprise and hard work。

Funeral home Hong Kong international airport is located in the huangpi district economic development zone day Yang road(Maple rubber tsui village, wine mouth street1Number),Near adai yellow、Han ten high-speed interchange,West sichuan about dragon avenue5Kilometers,Cover an area of an area400m,Is affiliated with the funeral institution of wuhan city civil affairs bureau。Mainly to provide broad SangShu body feeder、The body cold、Body cremation、Register of ashes、Funeral etiquette and funeral dance supplies and other services,The service scope mainly radiation the riverbank、Jianghan、Qiao mouth、Hanyang、Dongxihu district has superior urban area, etc,

Library according to different function is divided into sets funeral services、The corpse service area、The martyrs of ashes、Administrative office、The worker life service area、Vehicle parking area waste water treatment area and garden town, such as the eight functional areas,The museum facilities complete,The existing funeral service vehicles20More than cars,High-grade cremationP30Taiwan,Body cold beds346A,Remains single refrigeration20Between,Various GaoBieTing17Between,The corpse6Sets,Cells for the hosting of ashes1More than one,A parking space18003A,To meet the various needs of the mass to the。

Library from the follow“With true heart comfort box,Let life be beautiful shadow show production”The service tenet。Only need you a phone call,We will wholeheartedly provide standardization、Facilitation、Services of people live。

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