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 Taizhou heng dragon environmental protection products co., LTD. Is a professional engaged in crystalline aluminum chloride series product research and development、Production and sales as one of the chemical enterprise。Is located in known as“Lixia river golden phoenix”The reputation of xinghua ZhangGuo Town。In the east204National highway,Alongside the beijing-shanghai expressway in the west,Ning salt highway,The traffic is very convenient。 The company covers an area of13200Square meters,The construction area5800Square meters,Total assets880Ten thousand yuan,The fixed assets580Ten thousand yuan。Company staff80Name,The engineering and technical personnel9Name。The company mainly produces precision casting agents,Water treatment agent--Industrial crystallization of aluminum chloride and other series products,Its widely used in precision foundry、Paper and wood protection and other industries and fields。Annual design production capacity10000Tons,Jiangsu province industrial alcl3 crystal specializing in the production of manufacturing enterprises。      Our company constantly improved、Improve and perfect the management system。The company has always been adhering to the“Good faith for this、The pursuit of excellence、Team to win、Innovation and development、Continue as a going concern、The customer is supreme”The concept of enterprise development,And to“User satisfaction is our eternal pursuit”Guidelines for the enterprise,For the general customers to provide quality products and satisfactory service。      Warmly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit,Calls negotiate order。Sincere cooperation,To create a win-win situation。Xing dragon environmental protection products co., LTD., middle region specializing in the production of crystalline chloride...

A、Properties and USES
Crystalline aluminum chlorideIs a kind of light yellow crystal for first grade,Has strong hygroscopicity。Easily deliquesce in the air。Soluble in water,Dissolution of exothermic reaction。As a result of crystallization
Aluminium chloride hardener of sodium silicate shell,With high strength,Thermal shock resistance performance is good,With hardening reaction without excitant gas evolution until the obvious advantages,The current should be extensively
Used for precision foundry、Paper and wood protection and other industries。
2、Technical conditions(HG/T3251-2002)
1、Appearance,Light yellow crystal for first grade。
2、Industrial alcl3 crystal should comply with the requirements listed in the table below:
3、Method of use
1、Crystalline aluminum chlorideThe hardening process parameters
New with hardener,In general50Kg alcl3 crystal water100Kg,Add a suitable amount of hydrochloric acid can achieve the above process parameters。
2、Shell making technology
For surface hardening time15-20Minutes,Must be flush after hardening,In case of shell layer。Then dry30-50Minutes。The second is not flush after hardening,Dry30Minutes。
The third to the sixth layers dry after each hardening10-20Minutes。The shell is made after parking12-24Hours,Can be preserved。Take off the wax water temperature90-95℃(Take off the wax add water3-5%Chlorine
Ammonium)。Shell roasting temperature850-900℃Heat preservation0.5-1Hours pouring。
Four、The packing、Transportation、Storage precautions
1、This product is 2 bags,Each bag with quality certificate。
2、This product is easy to moisture absorption and deliquescence,In the process of transportation,To should take put down gently,To prevent damaged packaging。
3、Should be stored in a cool and dry place,Storage period is one year。
Our factory adopts the advanced production process,Are of good quality,The price is reasonable,Abide by the contract,Charge transport,Welcome the masses of users。
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The purpose of the enterprise:
To create benefits for enterprises;Create benefits for customers;
To create future for employees;Create value for the society。
The goal of enterprise:
And stronger、Do big、Do one hundred enterprises。
The spirit of enterprise:
Development and innovation、Honest and trustworthy、Conscientious、Unity upward。
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