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Warm prompt:Recently there are criminals,Using the cheat customer money in the name of the company,To protect the interests of customers customers and staff of the company before the remittance, please confirm again after the remittance。
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Baoji's non-woven products co., LTD,Affiliated to the baoji's group company。As a group enterprise owned by the company,The status of an independent legal entity,'s enterprise group consists of baoji's umbrella industry co., LTD Baoji's non-woven products co., LTD Shaanxi's logistics co., LTD。

Baoji's non-woven products co., LTD. Was set up2009Years7Month Relying on's dominant position of the enterprise group in the national advertising gift industry and establish a sound sales throughout the country、Logistics distribution and after-sales service network。Between the companies was realized Resource sharing Complementary advantages Improve the core competitiveness of the products,Expand the sales channels。Has made a lot of business performance。

's non-woven fabric company is located in North-East of changqing li industrial park, The company covers an area of6000Square meters,Office and production plant area1800Square meters。The existing staff202People,The company has a full set of automation line,From the design Printing Sewing The late filing One-stop service to the logistics distribution through-train service。's company pursues a meritocracy Actively explore the humanized principle of choose and employ persons,All the staff proactive Innovation。
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