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       Gongyi city hengtong machinery factory is a manufacturer of liquid machine,20In manufacturing hydraulic machinery full range of products and services of tens of thousands of users,Great product structure、In the、Small、Three categories,Sell well all over the country,Especially in recent years after inspection,Gather machine、The electricity、Fluid of high-tech talent,The careful design,Successful launch of the block making machine is suitable for China's national conditions、Scrap metal block making machine、Scrap iron block making machine、Sponge iron block making machine、Coke coal tar at the end of the block making machine、Powder metallurgy molding machine、Metal baling press、The salt brick machine、Cattle and sheep TianZhuan machines and other hydraulic products well received by the masses of users。
       For many years in the heat of the hydraulic press for market competition,Our factory has always been based on invincible position,Strengthen quality management,Attaches great importance to the credibility of commitment,Provide for the customer“Fast、Efficient”After-sales service,Want to customers want,Put the client's interests above all else。
       Our factory is located in the hinterland of gongyi,East neighboring zhengzhou,Nine dynasties luoyang is in the west,3 types: the old in the north China in one thousand,South songshan shaolin temple,The city in northern song dynasty imperial tomb... To check the details>>

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What are the system hydraulic press hydraulic oil pollution of?
1、Jam and clamping of failure Solid particle plugging hydraulic press hydraulic valve clearance and the orifice,Cause the valve...
Hydraulic press hydraulic clamping phenomenon
Hengtong machine for all hydraulic directional valve,There are the reversing reliability problems,Especially the electromagnetic...
Hengtong hydraulic synchronous circuit adopts the diverter valve control
Hengtong hydraulic press hydraulic cylinder1And2At the same effective work area,The valve8For the diverter valve,Diverter valve into the mouth...
What are the components of the work between friction affects the hydraulic press
From the analysis of the friction and friction in terms of doing work,Small four pillars of driven part of the hydraulic pressure machine parts...
How to solve the problem of four-column hydraulic oil is too high
Four-column hydraulic press is the oil pump of the hydraulic oil to the integrated cartridge valve blocks,Hydraulic oil transfer through the valve...
What features are required to powder forming hydraulic press
What features are required to powder forming hydraulic press: Driven by CAM curve in action,The packing time...
How to solve the powder forming hydraulic press liquid explorers to the valve of common failures
How to solve the powder forming hydraulic press liquid explorers to the valve of common failures,Hengtong mechanical small make up tell you about today...
Desirable metal swarf briquetting machine which bearing maintenance?
For scrap metal block making machine maintenance is the most important of the maintenance of the bearing,There are a lot of them do not know metal swarf briquetting...