We can provide you with what service?
  • The website construction


  • Baidu promotion


  • Local advertising

    Local advertising

  • The entire network marketing

    network marketing

  • Cloud space

    Cloud space

Are you worrying about the following questions?
  • The server is not stable?
  • The site is old black?
  • A visitor bounce rate is high?
  • Web site visitors?

We understand the Internet entire network marketing model,You encounter these problems,We can help you to solve it,Make your site stand out!

Solve the problem of website side
  • Communication needs
  • Graphic design
  • Front end design
  • The late maintenance

Communication needs

Understand customers' ideas,Customers to understand their own products,

And we are more understand the marketing,What we need is a combination of both。

Promotion of the solution
  • Search marketing
  • WangMeng promotion
  • People orientation
  • Brand orientation

Search marketing

In a day50One hundred million times demand for customers,Standing on83.6%The market share of the former selected high quality partners。

At low cost to obtain high demand of customers,According to the demand control advertising at any time,Let is looking for your customer,

To find you at any time。Training、The phone、Door to door service a variety of ways,Meet your different service needs,

Enhance your promotion effect。Baidu search,The path to growth,Effect of choice。

Who cooperate with us?
Why choose us?

Zhejiang stone IP network

Baidu(Jinhua)Marketing service center | Baidu(Yiwu)Marketing service center

Stone information technology co., LTD., founded in jinhua2012Years,Is the only designated service providers baidu company in jinhua region

Company specializing in providing localized convenient service,Help enterprises to get more orders by baidu promotion and enhance brand awareness。

The mission of excitation stone information technology:The network marketing service Power enterprise economic take-off!

The value of the stone information technology:Realize the value of employees、The enterprise value、Social value unified stage。Shock stone information technology customer service concept:Rapid response to customer demand,Provide high quality network marketing services,Realize the value of customer marketing!

Shock stone information technology management concept:Rigorous,Self-discipline,Fair,Happy!

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