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Shanghai upwelling bridge factory(The upwelling of the Shanghai electrical equipment co., LTD)Was established2006Years,The production of major bridge varietiesGroove bridgeTray type bridgeLadder type bridge,Using the fire、Aluminum alloy、Stainless steel and other materials can be customized to different bridge specifications,Upwelling bridge the earliest factory was established in ShanghaiBridge suppliersOne of the,We can according to different customer's cable tray specifications provide customized demand;Upwelling cable tray products have passedISO9001:2000The international mandatory product quality system certification and ChinaCCCCertification,Strong technical force make the company with the product development design and production of the overall strength,And for the customer provide strong guarantee of product quality and after-sales。

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Cable trayDivided into the slot、Tray type and ladder frame、Grid structure, etc,By the stand、Arm and installation accessories, etc。Can independently set up, Can also be equipped in all kinds of building(Structure)On structures and pipe rack,Simple structure、Aesthetically pleasing、Configuration is flexible and convenient maintenance, etc,All parts must be galvanized processing,The installation outside the building open to the bridge,If it is or belong to the corrosion area near the seaside,Must have the anti-corrosion material、Resistance to moisture、Good adhesion, Physical characteristics of high resistance to impact strength。