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Wuhan hengtong wing on transformer co., LTD. Has a long history to production of transformer,Professional production equipment and test equipment is complete,Strong technical force。Owns two subsidiaries。All raw materials are our own production,This is from the fundamental guarantee for the quality of our products and low price advantage。The company mainly produces110KVRank the followingS9、S11Energy-saving transformer oil-immersed series、Rectifier transformer、The electric furnace transformer、Earthing transformer、Dry type transformer、The arc suppression coil、Box-type substation and10KVAndSH15A series of amorphous alloy iron core ultra-low loss distribution transformer,At the same time the production of various types of corrugated and corrugated tank。Transformer technology standards to national standardGB10941--1996Standard,Leading domestic product technology,And in2001Years passedISO9001Quality management system certification。

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