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Guangzhou anstone electronic in guangzhou、Dongguan、Shenzhen, the main quality servo connector joint、Servo connector、Servo connections、Servo accessories、Servo motor connector、Servo connector plugs、Servo cables、Numerical control connector、CNC wire harness、Cable order、Yaskawa servo cables、Mitsubishi servo cables、Yaskawa servo connector、Schneider servo connector、Panasonic servo connector, etc,We are committed to a Japanese servo system and electronic equipment in developing and popularizing the connector,To provide customers with high quality、Modest price、Variety of servo system with connector,Strive to provide for the customer“One-stop service”——Servo accessories expert。Now our main advantage products for Japanese servo system with connector alternative3M、MOLEX、DDK、AMP、JST、JAEBrands such as connector,Products are mainly applied to mitsubishi、Yaskawa、Panasonic、FANUC、In、East yuan、Fuji、Hitachi、In the mountains、Omron、Schneider、AB、Siemens、Inovance、Guangzhou CNC、Ace and other domestic servo system。Keep a large number of spot supply。Want to know、Wholesale、How's tha、Which is good、The price、Supply、Models, etc,Please call guangzhou on electronic...
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    Servo connector server socket server plug manufacturers

    Now see server brands on the market:Yaskawa,In,Mitsubishi,Panasonic ,Omron,Sanyo,Ace,Guangzhou CNC and huazhong CNC, etc,Dongguan city rich in electronic products co., LTD...
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    The advantages of heavy nc connector

    Overloading connector is specifically designed to meet the requirements of harsh environmental conditions of application。Main application fields are industrial automation、Equipment manufacturing and industrial system building and information and control...
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    Several control methods of servo motor connector

    Speed control and torque control are using analog control。Pulse to control the position control is through the hair。What specific USES control mode according to the customer's requirements,Meet what kind of sports...
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    To introduce the basic performance of the servo connector

    According to the performance of the connector,The basic properties of the connector can be divided into three categories:The mechanical properties、Environmental performance and electrical performance。(1) Mechanical connection function and performance...
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    Servo connector plug classification

    The interface has five classes: IDE、 SCSI、 USB,Parallel port,A serial port,The parallel port and serial port is very slow,Not to mention,The major isID...
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