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Qingcheng mountain farce macro international keeping in good health(Hot springs)Belonging to sichuan farce macro group hotel is located in the famous scenic spot qingcheng mountain topped golden whip rock is a tai chi regimen、Leisure accommodation、Catering entertainment、The meeting hot springs,With multi-function such as garden villa hotel here will give you a sense of health have to tai chi culture and health cultural dimension annotation hotel forest scenery was split,Ten thousand mu Lin hai surrounded by mountains form a natural oxygen bar,Walking in the forest to enjoy nature bring peaceful and serene  

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  • Food and beverage
    Restaurant from decorate to decorate using simple elegant is close to nature ,Let you appreciate the nature of the classic feelings,Restaurant elegant comfortable ancient carefree,Delicate and spacious stately is an ideal place for casual drink enjoy your friend。The pebble,Mountain forest,Between the misty rain, like a wisp of cool breeze rustled the treadmill,Make you the meal at the same time enjoy the close nature breath。Melts rich flavor essence present different dishes of sichuan cuisine features of both healthy dietary regimen。
  • Chess
    Pavilions,Winding path flowers,Arch corridor,Winding path leading to a secluded spot,Elegant,Primitive simplicity,Pay attention to jing ya,The mountains green ink landscape painting beauty immediately turns into eyes。Sun stroke in the breeze,A whiff of cool air in the heart feel more at ease,This kind of happy from eyes shining magnanimous,Give a person a kind of deep deep courtyard body how much heart feeling,Let the city of mood to look for god in your busy life return to natural feeling,“Division with groves,Chest without meta”Farce macros you relax。
  • Hot springs
    Mountain spring water from deep,Water temperature as high as45Degrees Celsius,Colour and lustre is transparent extremely soft weak alkaline hot springs,Rich in metasilicic acid,Na,Zinc,Copper,Calcium is beneficial to human health, such as trace elements,Illnesses and health,The best natural springs beauty,Surrounded by mountains,Bath Shang Chi,Water mist diffuses,And the wind company,With spring,Quiet night next JiaoBai moonlight shines through a mountain stream,Your eyes close,To the spring,Within reach,Shang Chi fairy liquid, but at the moment as to nine days......The sound of hectares of mountain stream nature in her arms,Enjoy the fun, swim with。
  • Food and beverage
  • Chess
  • Hot springs

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