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  Quanzhou new smart electronics technology co., LTD., founded in2005Years,Is engaged in professional radio communication product research production and sales integration of high-tech enterprises,Is located in the beautiful garden city of quanzhou,The company since its establishment,Always focus on professional development in the field of wireless communications,Adhere to independent research and development and technical innovation。At present, the company purchased professional network analyzer、Comprehensive test instrument、A spectrum analyzer and other advanced production、Testing equipment,Has a rich field of wireless communications...
2012Shenzhen first international professional wireless communication exhibition2012-7-23
2011Autumn years in Hong Kong electronics show2012-7-23
STAndIS2THand in hand to create newSTM3...2012-7-23
The sixth China mechanical electronics show2012-7-23
3,000Name in the industry to attend3012Hong Kong...2012-6-13
2011Dubai guests visited the factory in foreign countries2012-7-23
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